The Screen test - Campaign Screen's international ad picks 1-2-2002

In this week's International Pick, Campaign Screen editor Lisa Campbell looks at ads from ONVZ, Martin Luther King Jr Day, Amnesty International, Nike and IC Berlin.

ONVZ - 'Swimming Pool'

Eighteen seconds is an eternity in advertising and to linger on one shot throughout is a brave and unusual move. Beautifully shot by music and celebrity photographer Anton Corbijn, the ad opens on a close-up of an old man whose face appears to be contorted in agony. The viewer is held captive until the end shot when the truth is revealed -- that if you take care of your body, you will be rewarded with pleasure, not pain. A simple creative idea originally told.

Agency: KesselsKramer, the Netherlands. Art director: Erik Kessels. Writer: Johan Kramer. Agency producer: Jacqueline Konnenberg. Production company: State, London. Director: Anton Corbijn. Producer: Richard Bell. Director of photography: Johnny Mathieson. Post-production: VTR, London.

Martin Luther King Jr Day - 'Bus'

The first national ad to promote America's Martin Luther King Jr Day is a moving historical account of segregation. Director Karbelnikoff operated the camera so that the action is viewed from the protagonist's perspective. The slow-pacing and the camera's hesitation create an incredible sense of both tension and empathy. The grainy black-and-white images provide realism, while history is put into a modern context with the powerful endline and gospel-choir soundtrack.

Agency: DDB Seattle. Creative director: Laurie Fritts. Art director: Randy Gerda. Writer: Eric Gutierrez. Agency producer: Heidi Molden. Production company: HKM Productions, Hollywood. Director: Michael Karbelnikoff. Producer: Lisa Margulis. Director of photography: Michael Karbelnikoff. Post-production: Cosmo Street, Santa Monica.

Amnesty International - 'Voodoo'

A powerful and original ad which inspires the viewer to support Amnesty without resorting to gruesome or cliched images of dark prisons in faraway places. Instead, we see a brightly-lit institution and a smartly-dressed official, reinforcing the fact that human rights abuses take place closer to home. The power of the individual to prevent torture by writing letters is brought to life in the man's struggle and in the exaggerated scale of the pen and text.

Agency: Air, Belgium. Creative directors: Eric Hollander. Art director: Dider van den Brande. Writer: Benoit Menetret. Agency producer: Nicole Richter. Production company: Milly Films, Belgium. Director: Rojo. Producer: Jerome Millett. Director of photography: Florent Herry. Post-production: Sparx, Paris.

IC Berlin - 'Brille'

It's always an inspiration to see a wonderful idea made on an exceptionally small budget. Initially a spec spot, this simple yet ingenious idea captivates by keeping us glued to the glasses of eyewear company IC Berlin. A mini DV Camera was attached with two wires to the glasses, leaving Herzog and his friends to wear the rig and run around all day. The results were perfected using a Mac G4.

Production company: Trigger Happy Productions, Berlin. Director: Alexander Herzog. Producer: Nils Schwemer. Director of photography: Ralf K Dobrick.

Nike - 'Raining Runners' and 'Offroad'

Ledwidge and Palmer team up on this campaign for Nike. The first spot sees a rainstorm commencing in downtown Philadelphia causing ordinary passers-by to dive for cover. The strong script sees eager exercise moguls welcoming the challenge and readying themselves for a taste of action in the downpour. Meanwhile, Palmer opts for a dirtier ride as cycling ace Lance Armstrong outwits his opponents offroad. Well-choreographed action in both spots creates a rhythmic ride.

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Oregon. Creative director: Dan Wieden. Art directors: Bill Karow, Jayanta Jenkins. Writers: Marc Fitzloff, Simon Mainwaring. Agency producer: Jennifer Smieja. Production companies: Harry Nash, London (Raining Runners); Gorgeous Enterprises, London (Offroad). Directors: Ringan Ledwidge (Raining Runners); Chris Palmer (Offroad). Producers: Sally Humphries (Raining Runners); Suza Horvat (Offroad). Directors of photography: John Mathieson (Raining Runners); Ben Seresin (Offroad). Post-production: Technicolour, New York.

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