The Screen test - Campaign Screen's international ad picks 1-7-2002

In this week's International Pick, Campaign Screen editor Lisa Campbell looks at ads from NCCRA, Manix, Finnish Post Office, BAT and KFO Union.

NCCRA - 'self-exam'

Director Bryan Buckley makes the most of a tricky subject in a pro-bono campaign about colon cancer. The ads, created by GSD&M, turn what seems to be a serious health warning into a humorous campaign to get people talking. One shows a doctor and patient using double entendres to about the condition, while in another the doctor asks viewers to perform a self-examination. A clever approach, expertly handled.

Agency: GSD&M, Austin, Texas. Creative directors: Tom Gilmore, Rich Tlapek, Allan Hannawell. Art director: Tim Cole. Agency producer: Dorothy Taylor. Production company: Hungry Man, New York. Director: Bryan Buckley. Producer: Kevin Byrne. Director of photography: Phillipe Rousselot. Post-production: Bob & Sheila's Edit World, San Francisco.

Manix - 'the flat rental'

"The flat rental" provides us with an entertaining way of highlighting the Xtra Pleasure angle of the new Manix condoms. The results achieved for the protagonist lead her to seek a more soundproofed apartment -- the quality of which she insists on testing for herself. Her priceless performance gives her the answer she needs, much to the bemusement of the estate agent. Aimed at 25- to 35-year-olds, this pan-European ad is a more lateral approach condom advertising.

Agency: BDDP & Fils, Boulogne-Billancourt, France. Creative director: Oliver Altmann. Art director: Andrea Leupold. Writer Bruno Delhomme. Agency producer: Christine Bouffort. Production company: Joe & Bob Production, Paris. Director: Delphine Quentin. Producer: Benoit Gautier. Director of photography: Stephane Leparc. Post-production: Duran, Issy-les-Moulineaux.

Finnish Post Office - 'envelope' and 'vacuum'

New directors Zak & Dan have taken a filmic approach to the unlikeliest of clients, Finnish Post Office. References for 'Envelope" range from 1984 to Charlie Chaplin, while "vacuum" is spoof of horror and blockbusters. The mood of the campaign aims show the modern face of the client by depicting archaic practices. The pair have added intrigue to these rather straightforward scripts by creating a dark, Kafkaesque ambience.

Agency: PHS TBWA, Helsinki, Finland. Art director: Jukka Rosti. Writer Petri Uusitalo. Agency producer: Leila Fackenberg (She, Stockholm). Production company: Arden Sutherland-Dodd, London. Directors: Zak & Dan. Producer: Will Cohen. Director of photography: David Luther. Post-production: The Moving Picture Company, London.

BAT - 'parisienne BAT people'

In 1991, BAT took the innovative step of giving carte blanche to directorial talents ranging from Jean-Luc Godard to David Lynch to advertise its Swiss brand. Now an annual cinema campaign, each director's brief is to interpret their own perception of "Parisienne people" -- without dialogue. Robert Altman's sumptuous and sophisticated execution takes us on a below-table-level journey discreetly revealing the goings-on in a restaurant. T his campaign attracts vast media coverage, especially when the director isn't revealed until the spot's premiere.

Writer Patrick Doyle (music). Production company: LDM, Paris, France. Director: Robert Altman. Producer: Marc Oberon. Director of photography: Oliver Stapleton.

KFO Union - 'invisible carer'

A beautifully simple spot for KFO -- a workers' union representing, among others, healthcare workers. In order to convey the feeling that these people are undervalued and underpaid, the ad revolves around an invisible presence which helps an old man. To make the lifting movements seem human, cranes and lifts were abandoned in favour of a real person (later removed in post) who did everything from running his hands through the old man's hair to lifting him.

Agency: Leo Burnett, Oslo, Norway. Creative director: Paul Westum. Art director: Vigdis Roset. Writer Oddeinar Hennoy. Production company: Moland Film Company, Copenhagen, Denmark. Director: Roenberg. Producer: Magnus Waal. Director of photography: Gaute Gunnari. Post-production: The Chimney Pot, Islo, Norway.

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