The Screen test - Campaign Screen's international ad picks 25-3-2002

In this week's International Pick, Campaign Screen editor Lisa Campbell looks at ads from Flytoget, Welsh Tourist Board, Revels and Humo.

Flytoget - 'mon amour' and 'Mr Larson'

Shot in Norway, this campaign captures comical black moments as individuals miss their SAS flights. "Mr Larson" follows a poor chap who misses his plane after taking too long to park, arriving back home to find his wife in bed with his boss. Booze and drugs follow, then the mental asylum's padded cell. "Mon amour' sees a delectable lady fall for an old flame after waiting for her beau. Miss that elusive SAS flight at your peril.

Agency: Leo Burnett, Oslo, Norway. Art director: Morten Kristiansen. Writer: Erik Hersoug. Agency producer: Vigdis Roset. Production company: Zwart Arbeid, Oslo, Norway. Director: Harald Zwart. Producers: Espen Horn, Veslemoy Ruud Zwart. Director of photography: Walter Lindenlaub. Post-production: The Chimney Pot, Oslo, Norway.

Welsh Tourist Board - 'dog' and 'what I did'

There are few who would rank Wales as the most idyllic of holiday destinations but these ads successfully convince us otherwise. They brilliantly capture the size and beauty of the nation, uncovering its surprising secrets using a combination of breathtaking images and humour. The beach scenes are reminiscent of the Caribbean rather than the British Isles and unbelievably, have not been doctored in post. The amusing stories involving the exhausted dog and enthusiastic child also serve to make the ads more relevant and appealing.

Agency: Red Cell, London. Creative director: Simon Frank. Art director: Jeremy Watson. Writer: Ian Crawley. Agency producer: Eileen Quirke. Production company: Garretts, London. Director: Carl Le Blond. Producer: Hans Elias. Director of photography: Jake Polonsky. Post-production: VTR, London.

Revels - 'Take a chance on me'

A tension-filled scene reminiscent of 'The Deerhunter' forms the basis of this amusing ad for Revels, the brand's first TV ad in over a decade. It's a brave approach in that it focuses on negative aspects of the product -- that there are flavours that some people don't like. The ad features strong performances from the American and his oriental competitor. The facial expression of the latter when he picks the nasty coffee rebel is priceless.

Agency: D'Arcy, London. Art director: David Chidlow. Writer: Matt Wheeler. Agency producer: Emma Bewley. Production company: Partizan, London. Director: Andy Lambert. Producer: Ella Sanderson. Director of photography: Oliver Curtis. Post-production: VTR, London.

Humo - 'The wasp'

Belgium's second biggest-selling weekly magazine Humo is a radio and TV guide that includes serious features, but is known for its edginess and cheekiness. This is reflected in their fruity way of promoting National Aids Day -- giving a free fruit-flavoured condom to every reader. The TV campaign is an irreverent and amusing way of highlighting the promotion and is a fantastic debut by its 24-year-old director.

Agency: Duval Guillaume, Brussels, Belgium. Creative directors: Jens Mortier, Francois Daubresse. Art director: Alain Janssens. Writer: Jens Mortier. Agency producer: Andreas Hasle. Production company:. Director: Xavier Mairesse. Producer: Christine Mathieu. Director of photography: Frank van den Eeden. Post-production: Key Line Film Productions, Brussels, Belgium.

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