The Screen test - Campaign Screen's international ad picks 8-3-2002

In this week's International Pick, Campaign Screen editor Lisa Campbell looks at ads from Levi's, Nike Jordan, Pepsi, Visa and Sony.

Levi's - 'Odyssey'

The mighty Jonathan Glazer doesn't disappoint in the latest Levi's commercial -- already being dubbed by some "ad of the year". 'Odyssey' is "a 60-second love story" according to Glazer, who takes us on a journey through brick walls to the stars. Its impressive effects took more than three months to perfect but the end result is a powerful ad that you can watch and watch. The unusual choice of music, Handel's 'Sarabande', adds greatly to its emotional impact.

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London. Creative director: Stephen Butler. Art director: Gavin Lester. Writer: Antony Goldstein. Agency producer: Andy Gulliman. Production company: Academy Commercials, London. Director: Jonathan Glazer. Producer: Simon Cooper. Director of photography: Dan Landin. Post-production: FrameStore CFC, London.

Nike Jordan - 'Jeter' and 'Roy Jones'

Wieden & Kennedy New York teamed with Brian Beletic in this campaign for Nike's Jordan brand. Utilising Sound Of Time, an audio-to-visual software package, Beletic isolated specific parts of the music to correspond with a certain number of chosen frames. With imagery rolling forward and backward at key junctures, Beletic effectively emphasises individual characteristics of each athlete in their daily training routines. A powerful visual treat.

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, New York. Art director: Adrian Hilton. Writer: Tina Johnson. Agency producer: Gary Krieg. Production company: Johnson Burnett Productions, New York. Director: Brian Beletic. Director of photography: Martin Copin. Post-production: Cosmo Street, Santa Monica.

Pepsi - 'Kung Fu'

Campaign Screen's first World Cup TV campaign enjoys stellar performers and director. 'Kung Fu' is inspired by Shaolin philosophy -- a branch of the Buddhist school -- and shows a young man's quest for perfection. All the stunts are real -- the young boy is the youngest black belt in the United States, the young man meanwhile is the world martial arts champion. Shot near Peking, 'Kung Fu' also used local villagers to act as monks. It airs globally apart from in the US.

Agency: CLM BBDO, France. Creative directors: Anne de Maupeou, Bernard Naville, Vincent Behaeghel. Art director: Bernard Naville. Writer: Vincent Behaeghel. Agency producer: Pierre Marcus. Production company: @radical.media, London. Director: Tarsem. Producer: Tommy Turtle. Director of photography: Paul Laufer. Post-production: The Mill, London.

Visa - 'Dining Out'

This action-packed spoof of the restaurant scene from 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' was shaped by BBDO to launch Visa's new campaign around the Asia Pacific region. Actress Zhang Zi Yi complains that her "soup is too salty", thus setting off a fight with the chef and his henchmen. Cinematographer Garry Philips does an inspired job on a set built in just seven days. A picture double, stunt double and the real Zhang Zi Yi enabled the crew to capture the visuals in four heavy days of shooting.

Agency: BBDO/Guerrero Ortega, the Philippines. Creative director: David Guerrero. Art director/writer: David Guerrero. Agency producer: Bruce Davidson. Production company: @radical.media, Sydney. Director: Bruce Hunt. Producer: Jules Shelton. Director of photography: Garry Philips. Post-production: Fin Design, Sydney.

Sony - 'Store'

A beautifully clever idea shot with style and sophistication by Carl Erik Rinsch, who is maturing as a director at a rapid pace. This atmospheric spot for Sony is a very creative product demonstration, revealing the ease with which images can be filmed and then emailed. The ad is captivating, not only for its visuals, but for its storyline. We are left bemused until the reveal, upon which the wry smile of the protagonist matches our own.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, London. Creative director: David Droga. Art director: Duncan Marshall. Writer: Howard Willmott. Agency producer: Sally-Ann Dale. Production company: RSA Films, London. Director: Carl Erik Rinsch. Producer: Dickie Jeffares. Director of photography: Jan Richter-Friis. Post-production: The Mill, London.

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