The Screen test - Campaign Screen's international ad picks

In this week's International Pick, Campaign Screen editor Lisa Campbell looks at ads from Chevron, Taikoo, Benedicta Jean, Harry's American Sandwich and Tampax.

Chevron Aardman Animation has gone overboard with this lavish production, in which two colourful cars talk and dance their way through a carnival procession as they flirtatiously discuss the merits of Chevron oil.

There is also exquisite attention to detail in the rest of the parade, with women strutting along in fantastic butterfly costumes, waving crowds and a child whizzing around on his scooter. Aardman made 50 different models just for the crowd, as well as five cars, plus a few cats and dogs.

Taikoo Sugar Taikoo Sugar is one of Hong Kong's oldest brands. It accounts for more than 50% of local sugar sales, but the brand had become "boring" and almost invisible to consumers. Saatchi & Saatchi Hong Kong was asked to revitalise Taikoo with a campaign for its new range of products, which includes Sugar Sparkles and Cinnamon Sugar Grinders.

The agency came up with nine completely different "surprise" spots, each 15 seconds long, which are designed to ambush consumers into rethinking Taikoo by using strange images and unexpected consequences.

Benedicta Jean Benedicta Jean and Montmarin's strategy for celebrating Benedicta mayonnaise's addictive qualities is to show consumers driven insane by the product's pleasing squeezability.

The three brilliantly cast protagonists in these executions apply mayo to their prized possessions with suitably glassy and manic stares.

Brian Baderman's direction is simple and straight to the point, bringing out the characters' obsessions. UK viewers may recognise the lady in "jewellery" from a similarly demented performance with Jaffa Cakes in our very first issue.

Harry's American Sandwich The opening seconds of this ad from Publicis Conseil suggest another kitsch Seventies road movie commercial. But "Road Movie", like the recent Levi's Twisted campaign, puts its cool kids through a stunning effects-laden climax.

As the car skids to an emergency stop and the fast food flies in slow motion, it is only the supreme softness of Harry's Sandwich that saves the day. Silly but brilliantly executed by special effects master Eric Coignoux, whose Citroen Xsara spot (issue 7) is still running in the UK.

Tampax When you want to get noticed, it helps if you can call on a supermodel to appear in one of your films. New director Stuart Acher told Shalom Harlow about his idea for a Tampax spot -- where a tampon is so absorbent that it leaves a swimming pool dry -- while hanging out with the supermodel in a jacuzzi at a Hollywood party.

Harlow liked the idea so much that she demanded to appear in this test commercial, which she happily fitted in between fashion shoots.

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