The Screen test - Campaign Screen's international ad picks

In this week's International Pick, Campaign Screen editor Lisa Campbell looks at ads from Voicestream/Symphony, Healthy Mississippi/Teeth, Got Milk?, Cadillac/Escalade and Midas.


What is it with Hungry Man and monkeys? As their previous award-winning E*Trade work shows, there's nothing more expressive than a chimp's features.

In these two spots, the anthropomorphic protagonists exchange text messages as one sits bored at the opera and another eyes up a human girl in a coffee shop. Certainly "How's the banana?" is probably no more meaningful than the average human text message and these are stand-out spots in an increasingly crowded category.

Healthy Mississippi/Teeth

Listen out for the horrible cracking sounds as the middle-aged dentist pulls out every single tooth from the healthy mouth of the trusting, beautiful teenage girl -- as if the sight of the bloody teeth weren't bad enough.

"Teeth" is part of the "Question It" campaign, which depicts teenagers in familiar situations and shows bizarre and unfortunate consequences developing from everyday acts. The idea is to encourage teenagers to think for themselves and make smart decisions.

Got Milk?

Sandy Collora used some of the gains he made from the shrewd investment of his Bar Mitzvah money on this speculative spot for the long-running Got Milk? campaign.

The $20,000 budget has been cleverly used to create a high-budget feel in this professional-looking spot, for which Collora performed the roles of director, writer and production designer.

Collora, who is an ambitious filmmaker and relentless networker, quickly won a place on the roster of Level 7 in Los Angeles.


The deserts of Dubai and the mountains of Oman have proved to be perfect locations for shooting an action-packed mini-feature to mark the launch of Cadillac's first-ever 4x4 model.

Positioned as a car for the desert, this global campaign will initially air on TV in the United Arab Emirates, where potential clients and perfect terrain are readily available. Interestingly, the spot has no end-line, no logo and no voiceover, relying instead on the car itself to tell the story.


Director Laurence Hamburger worked very closely with the team at CLM BBDO to achieve the real-life feel that is essential to this campaign. The South African location created the perfect hot and sweaty ambience to illustrate the power of in-car air conditioning.

The director's subtle skill is deployed to tell the story without giving the punchline away too early, so that we genuinely think that the kids with their tongues hanging out are playing rude games rather than testing the Midas air conditioning.

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