The Screen test - Campaign Screen's international ad picks

In this week's International Pick, Campaign Screen editor Lisa Campbell looks at ads from Supernoodles, Lightpath, Tennent's Lager, McDonald's and Ikea.

Supernoodles - 'Face Off' and 'Car'

A hilarious spoof of the musical West Side Story complete with camped-up choreography by director Fredrik Bond himself and frenzied soundtrack by Moulin Rouge's Steve Sidwell. It's a great script from Mother, featuring fat-bellied Supernoodles and his mates, Fried Egg, Lager et al doing battle with the wimpish Salad gang.

The agency cleverly avoids a crackdown by the watchdog in that there are no real punches, just ridiculous dance moves.

Lightpath - 'Personal Shield' and 'New Ark Genetics'

These ads spoof faceless corporations and their notion of scientific progress. Set in the near future, the developments made possible by Lightpath's fibre-optical know-how include personal force fields and hybrids such as the 'gazelephant'. Harris captures the over-sincere style of the corporate film brilliantly and the scripts are spot on, reminiscent of the spoof infomercials from Terry Gilliam's Brazil. Shot in Australia, misunderstanding ensued when "New Ark Genetics" signs were put up in a Brisbane museum and members of the public demonstrated.

Tennent's Lager - 'Pintlings'

Making a liquid look desirable and realistic when it's a combination of animation and live action is no easy task. Enter Andrian Jendrosz England's only beer wrangler (props specialist). Sticks were glued to the bottom of full glasses which were then puppeteered to a live playback of the dialogue track. The action was controlled using monitors and filmed on two cameras. The animation team then matched arms, legs and mouths on to the live footage and dialogue to perfectly match the glasses' movements.

McDonald's - 'Lust' and 'Victory'

As the winner of our inaugural New Director's award 2001, Carl Erik Rinsch has had scripts flooding in. These spots demonstrate his versatility and show that, even in its home market, the fast food giant can produce superior work. "Lust" shows a nerdish young man being teased by a ruddy-cheeked beauty and her fries. "Victory" perfectly captures the cunning of a child with a precocious understanding of psychology. As ever with Rinsch, the visuals are equally impressive, stylised without being overly mannered.

Ikea - 'Launch' and 'Pub'

To celebrate the opening of a new Ikea store in Glasgow, agency St Luke's takes a humorous swipe at the common view that Glasgow is populated by hard men. In these two spots, "archetypal" Glaswegian males are shown revealing their softer side and a hitherto undiscovered interest in soft furnishings. Quotable copy is augmented with great casting (known actors and street-cast locals) and dockside locations. Gregg's equally amusing launch ad features on Campaign Screen issue six.

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