The Screen test - Campaign Screen's international ad picks

In this week's International Pick, Campaign Screen editor Lisa Campbell looks at ads from the Lutti Crypto, Aero, Reebok, Uniqlo and Orange.

Lutti Crypto - 'The Princess'

A daring script and a priceless execution have resulted in a weird but wonderful spot for Crypto, the new chocolate-covered sweets from the French brand Lutti. The risque approach aims to appeal to the adult market where the brand enjoys a 20% share. With the tagline "A Lutti to make new friends", we experience Gallic-style unbridled humour. Set in Viking times, it was shot on 16mm to achieve a grainy look, although strange anomalies do creep in. A strange mix of Tim Burton meets the Addams Family.

Aero - 'Delivery Man'

Aero's dancing mouse proved so popular that it has been brought back, along with several other furry friends. Twenty variations of mouse animation were rendered from different angles and then duplicated to more than 100. They were then colour corrected to make them appear as individuals. Glassworks has been working on a program to create realistic hair for the past three years and used it to make the opera singer look more fluffy and feminine. The animation process, which took three-and-a-half months, is both effective and appealing.

Reebok - 'Sofa'

Following the success of the "Belly" commercial (Campaign Screen issue 16), Reebok and Lowe Lintas have given us a man-eating sofa which clearly does not approve of its owner's new-found athleticism. Frank Budgen directed the spot and Asylum created the ferocious furniture, operated by a team of hidden puppeteers. A teaser spot was created to precede the TV and cinema ad, featuring simply a breathing sofa and the tagline "Are you sitting comfortably?".

Uniqlo - 'Base Jumper' and 'Jockeys'

These ads differ greatly from most retail fashion ads in that they don't scream at you. Instead of a pumping soundtrack and trendy models promoting a must-have label, the ads are almost silent, filled with real people and logo-free.

Announcing the UK launch of the Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo, the work reinforces the company philosophy; that style comes from within.

This is simple, direct, stand-out advertising. At the same time it is challenging. The intense gaze at the end of each ad questions whether the consumer is bold enough to reject dictatorial fashion statements.

Orange - 'Pregnant' and 'Morning Ugly'

Brilliantly cast, performed and told, these ads are hilarious slices of life. The screaming baby is enough to raise the hackles of the most patient, and the expectant couple are understandably perturbed. The second spot is even less PC but very well-observed. Even though the young husband should still love his wife despite the extra pounds, we can't help but sympathise. Whether it's a life-choice or the choice of a mobile network, we should think carefully, suggests Orange.

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