The Screen test: Campaign Screen's international picks

Campaign Screen editor, Lisa Campbell, this week begins her regular weekly look at some of the best international TV ads around.

Ford Laser - This Australian spot for the Ford Laser is hardly a new strategy - the vehicle's power causes an underground car park to heat up, melt and explode - but the execution is excellent.

Director Nick Robertson combines in-camera effects such as the bursting car bonnets and sprinklers with 3D effects created using Maya, After Effects and Flame software. Nick Mayo's cinematography is pristine and the film is cut fast and frenetic. The billboard model's iced-lolly melting at the end is a nice touch.

Fox Sport's Ouch - The truth hurts in the new Fox Sports campaign with the perfect end line; Brutal Honesty.

It's contagious". 'Coach's Birthday' features an odd-looking American football team who eagerly present their coach with a birthday cake while serenading him with birthday greetings. Unsurprisingly for a Fox Sports spot, there is a cruel twist at the end.

Trident - "Filing" is a truly fantastic execution of a great script for what is usually an uninspiring category.

In 'Dancer in the Dark' style, a lowly office worker explodes into song when presented with a batch of documents to file. Full marks for casting, choreography and wonderful lyrics: they're going on the shelf/ I just can't help myself". Director Neil Tardio Jr. makes a joyful and entertaining homage to the spontaneity of musicals, making us overlook the somewhat tenuous link with Trident chewing gum.

Seigdamer - Laban's jelly beans, moulded into the shape of men, have been sold in Norway for over 30 years. So when the confectioner decided to launch a female version of the jelly beans, they had to come up with a commercial that would capture the public imagination.

The ad's star is a loser who would clearly have difficulty pulling one woman, let alone 30. But thanks to Laban's new jelly beans, he can realise his dream of watching a football match, surrounded by beautiful women.

For Eyes - A brilliantly over the top and camp performance by the ad's hero makes this a hilarious campaign. The epitomy of stuck-up and annoying sales assistants is reflected in our protagonist thinking quickly to justify the price tags attached to his designer frames.

Yet the cynical customers get more than they bargained for as his antics become ever more desperate. These are well-scripted ads which convey a simple price message in a highly amusing way.

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