ScreenAd rebrands as Oxigen before it rolls out across UK

ScreenAd, the PC advertising system, has rebranded as Oxigen as it

rolls out its launch to universities across the UK.

Charlie Varley, the sales and marketing director of Oxigen and founder

of ScreenAd in 1999, is in talks with a number of advertisers, including

sportswear and alcohol brands, about the system.

Oxigen expects to reach a student audience of 250,000 by the autumn via

its "PC billboard" concept in libraries, computer labs and branches of

EasyEverything (EasyJet's chain of internet cafes).

Screens display a rolling mix of internal communications messages - such

as event lists - interspersed with ads instead of screensavers. Hosts

receive a share of advertising revenue in return for allowing Oxigen

access to central servers.

Currently ads are stills but Oxigen is working on video streams for the


Oxigen has also been tested in media agencies, including Walker Media,

PHD and Carat. News of client wins and ad campaign launches ran

alongside on-screen competitions sponsored by advertisers such as The

Economist and Sky TV.

Varley said: "Oxigen provides communication that our test programme

shows to be well received because it blends education, information and

motivation. It is ever-present without causing a distraction."

Backed by venture capital from the Rocketship partner James Fitzgerald,

who is also Oxigen's interim chief executive, the company has overhauled

its technical and sales operations to focus on the messaging interface.