Seat calls review of digital ad business

LONDON - Seat, the Volkswagen-owned car manufacturer, is on the hunt for an agency to handle its digital advertising account.

The review will include both online advertising and website design for all of Seat's marques. In the past, the car- maker has used the digital agency Indeprod to produce its online communications.

Several shops have been approached, with a view to holding chemistry meetings at the beginning of February.

The successful agency will be briefed to redesign the manufacturer's website,, as well as producing ongoing online advertising campaigns.

The review does not affect Seat's relationship with Grey and The Leith Agency, which share the above-the-line advertising account.

The latest advertising campaign to run in the UK was produced by the Geneva-based agency Saatchi Simko and used a Spanish actress passionately describing the Seat Leon Cupra to promote the marque's combination of German technology and Spanish passion.

Seat's national communications manager, Rob Taylor, will manage the review.