My secret work weapon: the agency's personal trainer
A view from Luke D'Arcy

My secret work weapon: the agency's personal trainer

Momentum Worldwide's UK president has been getting physical, lowering stress levels and reducing sick days.

Lycra. Sweat. Feeling the burn. Endorphin rush. Nope – not another homage to the Olympic heroes but what I associate with Momentum after my colleagues have put themselves through their paces with our free personal trainer.

We continually espouse the mantra of total brand experience to our clients but we also recognised that we need to apply that to the agency itself.

The experience of working in our industry, or at Momentum, should be fun, inspiring and offer something that fulfils you personally as well as professionally. A couple of years ago, we realised the direct correspondence between our team’s fitness and productivity and that the extras an agency can offer, such as free personal training and gym membership, really do make a difference.

Since then, Momo Fit has got our arses off our seats and out of the office, making us healthier, happier and more productive. We’ve even inspired our clients, who have joined us on everything from freezing Tough Mudders to fire-tower abseils.

I am sure that there is still a place for your boring agency golf day, but we take great pride in inspiring a few more energetic war stories than sinking a birdie on the 15th.

From yoga to circuits to boxercise to tai chi, we have run countless sessions to appeal to everyone in our team. We have even looked at the menus in our on-site restaurant and brought in a masseuse to rub those aching limbs.

No doubt we still pull as many pints as we do chin-ups but looking after my team’s health is just as important and has had an incredible impact on reducing stress levels and sickness at the agency.

The GB Olympic cycling team often talk about marginal gains. Small things that together make a big difference. Our commitment to investing in our staff’s wellbeing is just one of those secret weapons we use to enhance the performance of the agency.

Luke D'Arcy is Momentum Worldwide's UK president.