Secret work weapon: My camera phone
A view from Jason Cotterrell

Secret work weapon: My camera phone

A recorder, a sales-prop, an inspiration... Exterion Media's group development director shares why the simple camera phone is his secret work weapon.

A great ad campaign. A holiday. A catch-up. A lunch. Did it happen if we didn’t capture it on camera? My camera phone is my secret weapon. 

Remember a picture paints a thousand words.

It’s a great tool for my work; we have a visual medium and work in a creative industry. When I’m out and about, it’s a way for me to store creative inspiration to revisit later. If I see a great advert on the Tube or bus, for example, I’ll always take a photo of it, and look at it later.

It’s a great time saver, especially when capturing and sharing notes following a meeting or after a brainstorm. Rather than having to type it all up, if we’re using a whiteboard I’ll take a picture of that and use it as a starting point to build on ideas later. The workplace is changing, becoming more digital and flexible. Ideas, notes and to-dos shared instantly creates ever-elusive time.

I use it to drive standards and performance – did we get this campaign? How can we optimise it? It’s a great way to say well done and thank you – thanks for a great campaign, a great looking showcase, thank you for getting it right, thank you for being a great customer.

I use it to sell:

"Hey, have you seen this? You could do this? You can be on here? Doesn’t this look fantastic? I found a perfect place for you? Wow look at all these people! Do you fancy lunch?"

I don’t just use the camera on my phone for work. It has its uses in every aspect of my life. It’s an easy way to remind myself of great memories like my daughter’s appearance as the innkeeper in the nativity or taking my son for his first away game – Chesterfield! To flick through your own content is motivating and rewarding, it’s why we do it right? 

Jason Cotterrell is group development director at Exterion Media