My Secret Work Weapon: Seth Godin's work inspires me to think differently

Seth Godin is one of my all-time marketing heroes. His books and blogs are a source of inspiration, motivation and challenge. He's a master agent of change in a world of marketing, digital and customer revolution.

Marketing director, Kiddicare and Morrisons.com
Marketing director, Kiddicare and Morrisons.com

I discovered his work in the US at a conference around the time he'd published Purple Cow.

I've tried to do 'remarkable' things ever since. In Godin's world, and mine, being OK is never OK, weird is wonderful, and it's personal.

I am curious about the past and love original storytelling to bring brands to life. I've been fortunate to work with great brands, and the most successful have had remarkable stories to tell - and sell.

Today, brands and retailers must be even closer and more relevant to customer needs and aspirations, and this requires greater creativity, innovation and imagination.

Godin's style is honest and powerful. His writing and presentation style inspires me to have the confidence to challenge the norm, and think and do things differently.