The seeds of doubt

Flo Heiss is synonymous with all things digital. But did you know that the Dare joint executive creative director is, in fact, an imposter?

A carrot or Gary Neville?
A carrot or Gary Neville?
His real identity is the German farmer Georg Berchtenbreiter, who, when not farming, does a good line in posing as a digital savant. Heiss unveils his true self in a "news" report on The Poke (http://www.thepoke.co.uk/2011/07/21/ sensational-european-farming-story-of-the-day). In the report, Berchtenbreiter reveals his devastation upon the discovery that all of the vegetables on his farm in rural Germany are ridden with the faces of Premier League footballers. He is particularly annoyed about the face of Gary Neville, the former Manchester United defender and Sky Sports pundit, appearing on one of his carrots. Diary thinks this farmer/digital guru probably needs to revise his seeding tactics.