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Seven brands on experiential: Lush

Suzie Hackney, creative direction for Lush, talks about the cosmetic retail brand's recent experiential projects.

Lush's Scented Cinema experience took place at the brand's store in Oxford Street
Lush's Scented Cinema experience took place at the brand's store in Oxford Street

Suzie Hackney, creative direction for Lush

"Creating an experience for our customers has always been a focus for us. From how we design our shops – Lush Oxford Street (largest in the world) being the most recent example with an events space, hair lab and perfume gallery – to how customers experience our products in-store with demonstrations and at home. Washing with jelly or a foaming powder in the shower or creating bath art with a multi layer bath bomb are just a couple of examples here.

"The Gorilla Perfume gallery concept was a natural progression for the way our customers would experience our fragrances – each is inspired from a wide range of real-life events, evoking a mixture of feelings and emotions, from stories of ex-boyfriends who look like one of the Bee Gees to wanting to recreate the smell of Dad’s garden. The gallery enables our customers to become immersed using many senses and connect with the fragrance in a different way to only having it on the skin,creating a lasting memory and connection. In the current Oxford Street gallery space,you can sit in a Parisian-inspired cafe´ for a perfume consultation and stand under a giant talking hat. Or go to a 70s-inspired disco, dress up and take a photo with friends while listening to music on silent disco headphones.

"In December 2015 we created a Scented Cinema experience for our customers in Lush Oxford Street, which involved turning the lower ground floor in to a cosy 16-seat cinema. Cult classics and favourite Christmas movies were scented with our perfumes in many ways, including specially produced snacks and drinks with fragrance-inspired flavours and a box of props to smell and wear during the film. We had a great reaction and, as a result, are now planning to create a permanent Scented Cinema this summer." 

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