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Seven brands on experiential: Propercorn

In the first instalment of a series of brand interviews, popcorn brand Propercorn gives the lowdown on why it embraces experiential.

Propercorn on why experiential works for the popcorn brand
Propercorn on why experiential works for the popcorn brand

Cassandra Stavrou, co-founder of Propercorn

"Propercorn was built on the ethos of ‘done properly’. For us, this means making everything the best it can possibly be. When it comes to experiential marketing, our priority is to create an environment that really reflects this ethos and our distinctive personality. It allows us to showcase the passion and creativity that drives the brand while, most importantly, letting us personally engage with the people buying and enjoying our popcorn.

"Last summer, we launched Project Pattern, the biggest OOH campaign of any UK popcorn brand to date. We set ourselves the challenge of doing something different: say everything about Propercorn without falling back on mundane health-and-taste slogans.

"The campaign was driven by colour and pattern, not pack shots, with the simple aim of making commuters’ mornings brighter. Exploring the power of visual communication, we dressed everything from buildings and pavements to bikes and buses, head to toe in our signature patter. We also engaged more personally with the public by using a set designer to reinterpret our 2D popcorn pattern and bring it to life in 3D."

We can’t give too much away about our experiential plans for 2016, but watch this space for lots more colour and popcorn-led projects. 

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