Sharp 'FanLabs' by Work Club

Work Club has launched Sharp FanLabs, a research project monitoring the emotions of thousands of football fans to support Sharp's sponsorship of the Uefa Euro 2012 tournament.

Through the FanLabs website, mobile app and specially designed headpieces that monitor brainwaves and behaviour using biometric technology, data and insights about the attitudes, beliefs, knowledge and confidence of football fans from different countries have been collated.

For example, most fans would adopt Spain as their second team if their country gets knocked out, while  Swedish and French fans are the most optimistic in Group D.

Each day during the tournament, FanLabs data will be published on the mood of each team involved. This will be continually updated on the FanLabs website.

Sharp FanLabs is supported by an integrated campaign that will run in 16 markets, comprising TV, press, outdoor, PR, experiential, mobile and social media.