Sheba "Sheba 4am" by AMV BBDO

Sheba is trying to help cat parents get some shut-eye.

While many people can relate to disruptions in sleep patterns after the turmoil of last year, cat owners often face an added challenge of early morning wake-up calls from their pets. The Mars brand used a combination of sleep techniques, including body scans, ASMR voices, calm visual effects, meditation and soothing colours, to turn mobile devices into sleep-inducing aids and help feline lovers return to dreamland. AMV BBDO created content, such as a five-hour film and a "4am Lullaby" Spotify album, to send cat owners to sleep.

The work was created by Cesar Herszkowicz, Marcos Almirante and Zak Loney, and directed by Ewan Jones Morris through Friends Electric.