Shining a light on the ageless power of data

The industry knows good content but is still learning how best to bring it to life, says Lee Puri from Media iQ

Puri: ‘the industry’s ability to understand data needs to improve’
Puri: ‘the industry’s ability to understand data needs to improve’

Irrespective of the channel, good content has always been sought after. This has been a constant throughout the past 30 years. If you have quality content, then aligning that with an advertiser’s brands makes sense.

What has changed over the past few years, however, is the industry’s ability to look beyond content in  advertising.

The focus has shifted to the advertiser’s ability in using technology and data to inform and predict what else can make a significant difference to their advertising and business growth.

What one constant from the past 30 years would you like to see change?

On the whole, the industry’s ability to understand and connect the true potential of data needs to improve across the board; from publishers right through to advertisers themselves.

The industry has made incredible steps from what was a relatively basic, assumptive-led approach to advertising a generation or so ago.

However, truly understanding how technology and data can transform businesses is a challenge the market in general needs to step up to and embrace. Everyone is talking a good game; few are actually delivering.

What has defined the past 30 years? Or what will define the next 30?

Honestly, I don’t think there has ever been a more exciting time to be involved in the advertising and marketing industry than right now.

Advancements in technology now mean that advertisers can engage with potential customers on a multitude of different types of media simultaneously, using unified marketing insights to genuinely drive strategy.

Players that can help facilitate this continued growth and innovation will remain relevant. Those that cannot will fall by the wayside.

The potential to apply cross-device targeting will hopefully provide the catalyst for a true data-led marketing explosion within the industry in the near future.

The notion of users being defined and valued by their digital profile – comprised of where they shop, what programmes they consume, where they live, what brand of wine they like – is now one step away from being a reality.

Anyone or any business in a position to understand and help activate this data-driven approach to marketing is in a position of power for the foreseeable future.

What one lesson can you take away from the past 30 years?

Failure to innovate and adapt in this ever-changing ecosystem will be the downfall of countless good, solid businesses. What worked yesterday may still be relevant today; however, tomorrow, your approach could be old news when it comes to adopting technology and data as the key drivers of your business.

Lee Puri is a co-founder of Media iQ


What’s something you can usefully accomplish in 30 seconds?

Keep the balance. Wherever I am in the world, and no matter how busy, that quick phone call home, no matter how brief, absolutely recharges me.

What should everyone in marketing or the media have accomplished by the age of 30?

In the digital advertising industry, make sure you have had at least one lunch in Charlotte Street. It’s generally seen as a rite of passage.

What’s something you can do in 30 minutes that will change your life?

Take time out each day and clear your head. It’s easy to let creativity (and even rationale) get lost in the noise of everyday life.

If you could wind the clock back 30 years, what would you do?

Try to convince my parents to move to Palo Alto in the 80s.