From the shop floor - Time to shoot from the hip

Who says shooting is a sport reserved purely for the wellyboot and waxed-jacket brigade? I beg to differ... there’s nothing us urban media types like more than a good shoot.

After all, who could refuse a day spent in a glamorous photo studio or “on location”, milling with models and creatives, relentlessly satisfying one’s fine media palette with anything and everything from the plentiful catering facilities.

Whether we're holed-up in the studio for a day of all-action portrait photography, or channelling inspiration for the latest TV advertising campaign from a wall covered in magazinemontage mood-boards, there’s nothing quite like a photo shoot to get pulses racing.

From the moment the stark studio lights flicker on at an unearthly hour of the morning, all persons present begin a trend which generally gathers pace as the day progresses – frenzied scurrying, clipboard-snapping and continued jostling for that “must-have” view down the camera lens, just to make sure the shot is properly “framed”! With that, surely it must be time for the all-essential tea and “continental breakfast” break.

Tea finished, the day’s work really begins. Mobile phones ring incessantly – an orchestra of ringtones punctuate the din of the air-conditioning – as clients, creatives, the crew and a fleet of people wearing combat pants and slashed vest-tops make themselves comfortable for the hard day’s eating – I mean shooting – that lies ahead.

With a flash and the familiar crunch of a Polaroid being birthed into the room, it’s time for everyone to get active and check out the “test shot”.

To a soundtrack of “more make-up please” and “light meter ready”, it’s time for a communal chin-scratch and generic moans of “hmmm, looks great to me”.

One eighth of the days work done and at least 40% of the day gone, the rich aroma of the catering Winnebago begins the outward pilgrimage that is otherwise known as lunch.

Mobile phones receive some much-needed attention and medialand’s finest tuck into their second full meal of the day – generally a substantial affair.

As any media man or woman will testify, creativity needs feeding. Fillets of this, shanks of that, any number of fruit “reductions” ensure an awardwinning afternoon of work.

Back studio-side, the voices begin to raise as the slow progress of the day dawns on all and sundry. Tripods are rearranged, props are produced and the “talent” is primed for their finest performance yet.

Face powder flies as the wall clock appears to grow bigger and bigger, time ticking away, and mid-afternoon sandwiches disappearing like it’s the last meal on shoot day.

Fear not, surely it can't be more than three hours until a supper!

Jenny Beckman is head of marketing, LBC FM & LBC News AM