SHORT FILMS 38: Camouflage

The first of two innovative documentaries this month is a piece about that most taboo and misunderstood of subjects - schizophrenia. Camouflage is told via interviews with people whose parents were afflicted with the disease, including the film's director Jonathan Hodgson. Basing some of his animated sequences on drawings the interviewees made as children, the film reveals the embarrassment, bewilderment and fear felt by the schizophrenics and their children. It was the deserved winner of the Unicef Award at this year's New York Film Festival.

Production company: Sherbet

112-114 Great Portland Street

London W1N 5PE, UK

T: +44 20 7636 6435

F: +44 20 7436 3221


Director: Jonathan Hodgson

Producers: Jonathan Bairstow, Clare Spencer

Director of Photography: Mike Beresford-Jones

Post-production company: Sherbet

Editor: Tania Trohoulia

Animations: Tim Webb, Siri Melchior