SHORT FILMS 38: Sixty - Cups of Coffee

Reading in a newspaper that drinking 60 cups of coffee could be lethal gave writer Robbie McCallum the inspiration for this darkly comic eight-minute film. For the protagonist, the reasons for the caffeine overload are to "see the view" and find out about truth with a capital T. Texas-based executive producer Raymond Martin insisted the film be shot in Dallas, with its slow-paced "diner culture", so that the event itself would seem even more remarkable.

Production company: Hypnotic

80 South Street

New York

NY 10038, USA

t: +1 212 809 3202

f: +1 212 809 3209


Writer: Robbie McCallum

Director: David Ward

Producer: Raymond Martin

Director of Photography: David Blood

Post-production company: Charlieuniformtango

3232 McKinney Av

Ste 231

Dallas TX 75214 USA

t: +1 214 922 9222

f:+1 214 922 9227

email: Mary Alice Butler

Editors: Scott Hanson, Darren Mostyn

Music: Michael Floreale