The Davey brothers won a BT film competition and had just one month to come up with another film using their prize money. The result was 'Finch', which was created on a PC for a total budget of £700. Crane effects were achieved with a bodged-together pole, pulley and tripod device, and DV footage was improved with colourisation. An ambitious script involving helicopters and crowds of soldiers resulted in some shots necessitating up to 40 composited layers. We'll leave it to you to figure out how the ultra-slow motion effects were done. Oh, and they also wrote the music.

Production company: Rogue Films

70 Mortimer St

London W1N 7DF, UK

t: +44 20 7907 1000

f: +44 20 7907 1001


Writer/Director/Producer/Director of Photography/Art Director: The


Editor/Flame Artist: The Daveys