SHORT FILMS 40: Goyle and Gar

A couple a la difference: vociferous and thirsty Notre Dame gargoyles who look down on a terrace cafe. Originally created for a French beer campaign, the transmission of a similar execution for another beer ad at around the same time rendered this ad's launch impossible. This didn't put the team off: they animated Goyle and Gar in 3D and then got two renowned actors (Benoit Poelvoorde and Elie Seimoun) to give them voices. This pilot is now going to air as part of an upcoming series on French TV.

Production/post production company: LDM

rue Richer 34

75009 Paris


T: +33 1 48 00 81 81

F: +33 1 48 00 81 82


Director: Gamer

Producer: Marc Oberon

Editor: Gamer

Music: Pascal Lafa

Sound Design: Nova Productions