SHORT FILMS 40: Shadowscan

Director Tinge Krishnan based this breathless and inventive short on her experiences as a junior doctor. Since Krishnan had already won several awards for her previous film, Groove on a Stanley Knife, and had support from British Screen and FilmFour, she received a larger budget which allowed her to shoot on Super-35mm for a lush, widescreen feel. There is some truly frenetic editing on display, including jump-cutting, flash-frames and line-crossing edits. However, the visual trickery does not detract from two mesmerising lead performances from Shobna Gulati and Paul Bazely.

Production company: Disruptive Element

Unit 50B

Canalot Studios

222 Kensal Road

London W10 5BN, UK

Director: Tinge Krishnan

Producers: Gary Holding, Justine Leahy, Kate Ogborn

Director of Photography: Robbie Ryan