Siemens Crystal sparkles with 3D mapping

Brand experience agency Innovision has created a 3D mapping projection show to launch Siemens Crystal, a £30m exhibition centre in east London. We take a look behind the scenes.

Home to Siemens Sustainability HQ, the glass structure covers more than 6,300 square metres and is powered by solar panels and ground-source heat pumps.

In addition to focusing on the imagery for the show, the electronics giant wanted the launch to deliver a strong brand message about sustainable living.

A skilled team of technicians was tasked with the realisation of the project, with a maximum of 72 crew members on site at any one time.

The unique design of the building proved a challenge as a backdrop for the projections, with any architectural extrusions and other features in the landscape having to be carefully considered.

Marcus Lyall, creative consultant, said: "We got a lidar scan done of the building – it's a machine with a laser that produces a really super accurate 3D model of the building. We've installed a projector so that we can actually watch our edit on a representation of what the building was, and to show how the image interacted with the building itself."

A material called Contra Vision was spread onto the glass. It is a vinyl which is perforated to allow the reflective quality of the exterior of the building to be seen in daylight, but also to provide a matte surface on which to project the mappings.

Russell Blandford, production manager, Innovision, said: "We're using 18 projectors here, which is approximately 40, 000 lumens that we're throwing onto the building."

Building on the innovative launch, the Crystal hopes to educate visitors on creating a better future for our cities as the world's largest exhibition focused on sustainable city living.

See below for a video of the event