Star Live

Six groundbreaking experiences: one thing in common

From Spice Girls to Jaguar E-Pace, live executions have exploded in complexity, creativity and sheer audacity over the last five years.

Image credit: Andrew Timms
Image credit: Andrew Timms

There’s one thing in common behind all great work: an innovative and trusted partner. And that’s what Star Live is. They thrive on challenges, the ‘not possibles’ and the ‘never been dones’. If the creatives in the experiential and brand activation world had thought inside the box, the world would be a duller place. Why try to create boundaries around creativity – that’s just not the point.

Here are six instant case-studies.

1. Jaguar E-PACE
A world record-breaking barrel roll to reveal the E-PACE.
Photo credit: Imagination

2. Samsung KX Launch
State-of-the-art three-storey stage, towering 9.1 metres at the world’s first vertical gig courtesy of Samsung.
Photo credit: Andrew Whitton, Fanatic Live

3. Airbnb 
Star Live sailed a fully functional floating house down the Thames complete with a proper toilet, shower, kitchen and smoking chimney.
Photo Credit: Andy Ashton, Jubba Ltd

4. Barclaycard
The Perk Park with internal and external activation areas, at Barclaycard presents BST Hyde Park.

5. Amazon
Amazon brand activation across key summer festivals.

6. The Urban Beach
The only urban beach in London with real swimming facilities at Royal Victoria Dock.

Star Live is the agency behind the agency, they were a well kept secret until now.

From technical design, engineering and fabrication to creative and commercial expertise, Star Live deliver large- and small-scale custom projects. They aim to bring big ideas to life with outstanding creative, practical and technical solutions that work. 

This year, Star Live are sponsoring the Experiential Award at the Campaign BIG Awards, you can find out more about their work here.