Skoda print work seeks to boost brand's image with fleet buyers

Fallon has developed a press campaign to target fleet buyers. The work presents Skoda as a car driven by people whose judgment should be trusted.

The seven ads will break next week and run until the end of the year in fleet news and selected motoring trade titles including AutoCar, Auto Express, Top Gear and What Car?.

They continue the endline introduced by Fallon in May's TV launch: "It might earn you more respect than you think."

Skoda hopes to build on its growing success in the consumer market by directly targeting commercial traders.

The idea behind the campaign is to show people in a variety of situations being disproportionately revered for choosing to buy a Skoda. It is assumed that they must exhibit the same level of discernment and good judgment in every area of life.

The new press work echoes this by using graphic, maths-based icons including a pie-chart, a flow diagram and a timeline to illustrate the dramatic increase in popularity of fleet managers who chose to purchase Skodas.

In one ad, the decision to purchase a fleet of Skodas leads to colleagues asking the fleet manager for his opinion on a business proposal.

In another ad, it leads to several lunches with the boss.

Phil Dowgierd, Skoda's account director at Fallon, said: "Fleet managers are as aware of the brand's change in perception as is the general public but there is a need to communicate with them directly to ensure Skoda is on their shopping list."

The ads were written by John Cross and art directed by Andy Johns.

Media planning and buying is by MediaCom.