Sky Arts to screen HBO's psychotherapy drama 'In Treatment'

LONDON - HBO's acclaimed series 'In Treatment', a drama about a psychiatrist played by Gabriel Byrne, is to be screened in the UK by Sky Arts.

'In Treatment' will be seen starting in October on Sky Arts 1 and its high-definition equivalent.

The series has an unusual format in that it follows Byrne, who plays Paul Weston, in a series of weekly therapy sessions with his patients.

Monday nights will show him treating an anaesthesiologist called Laura, played by Melissa George. On Tuesday nights it is fighter pilot Blair Underwood's turn and so on for the rest of the week until Friday, when it is Weston's turn on the couch with his therapist, who is played by Dianne Wiest.

There will also be an omnibus edition shown on Sunday nights.

Each episode is set in real time and the action is confined to Weston's office. There are 43 episodes in total.

The show is based on an Israeli drama called 'BeTipul'. Byrne has been awarded a Golden Globe for his performance in the first series.

John Cassy, channel director for Sky Arts, said: "In Treatment is quite literally addictive. An innovative format, tightly written and compelling characterisation leave you devouring one episode after another."

However viewers are advised not to become too attached.

While HBO has confirmed new series for the hits 'True Blood' and 'Entourage', as well as a series not yet seen in the UK called 'Hung', there has not been confirmation that 'In Treatment' will return.

Picture credit: John P Johnson/HBO