Sky forces CHI's TalkTalk ad to be withdrawn

LONDON - An ad from telecoms provider TalkTalk has been banned by the advertising watchdog today following complaints from rival BSkyB about its misleading price claims.

The Talk Talk ad, created by CHI & Partners, claimed consumers could cut bills "to just £6.49 a month". Though on-screen text made some clarifications, the voiceover did not clarify that calls made between 6am and 6pm would be charged for separately.

The claim also failed to take into account any additional call charges that would be included in customers' bills.

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned the ad from being shown again in its current form, despite TalkTalk arguing the ad made clear the fixed price was for the inclusive elements only and that customers would know any non-inclusive elements would be billed for separately.

The ASA ruled that the additional text information provided contradicted rather than clarified the voiceover referring to cutting "your bill" to £6.49 per month.