Skydivers leap from planes in W&K's latest Honda ad

LONDON - Wieden & Kennedy is set to launch the latest brand ad for Honda Accord, featuring five aeroplanes and a team of skydivers who showcase the technological features of the car through aerial stunts.

Honda ad by Wieden & Kennedy
Honda ad by Wieden & Kennedy

The 90-second ad, called "jump", broke yesterday.

Set in the Mojave Desert, it shows the skydivers creating a number of aerial formations including a steering wheel, a suspension spring and a camera before the team come together to form the word "Accord".

The spot concludes with the new Honda endline: "Difficult is worth doing."

The ad is the final part of a campaign that included 96-sheets and an unbranded teaser TV campaign with abstract shots of a skydiving team preparing themselves for an event.

"Jump" was preceded by a three-minute live TV ad that aired on Thursday.