Slasher movie poster killed off by ASA

LONDON - A poster promoting a film, featuring a close-up picture of a screaming face with a deep knife wound across the cheek, has been banned by the ASA.

Scar... banned
Scar... banned

The poster text described the 18 certificate film, titled Scar, as a Slash-tastic killer thriller. The blood flies off the screen, and splashes of blood were positioned next to the face on the poster.

Two complainants, who saw the poster at train and tram stations, said the ad was offensive and irresponsible as it glorified knife crime.

CBS Outdoor said it had been advised by the CAP code that the ad was unlikely to cause people to feel serious fear or distress.

However, the ASA noted that as the poster appeared at train and tram stations, people of all ages were exposed to the ad.

The imagery of a knife wound and the splashes of blood, along with the reference to blood flying off the screen, were felt to be overly graphic and shocking.

The ASA felt that the ad was likely to cause widespread offence and could be seen to be glamorising knife crime.

The poster must not appear again in its current form.