Snickers launches voice activated search engine

And it's a search engine with an attitude.

Snickers launches voice activated search engine
Carlseberg advert

Most read: Carlsberg spoofs Beach Body Ready ad

Protein World's 'Beach Body Ready' advert caused outrage, shame and a ban. Carlsberg is probably hoping to cause a couple of guffaws with its pastiche ad, running on Exterion Media's cross-track projection sites on London Underground.

The debate surrounding the Protein World ad shows no sign of going away any time soon. Going off topic somewhat, food blogger Ella Woodward, speaking at a Havas London debate, said: "I feel the reaction is a little extreme – I agree it’s not promoting a positive message – but we should be looking at the product, not the girl herself."

Woodward was more concerned with the number of artificial ingredients present, "Slimming powders are not the answer and can’t take the place of a healthy, active lifestyle".

Over on Campaign, Nick Bailey, chief executive and executive creative director at Isobar, rails against the use of the term feminazi, and describes an exchange in his agency.

In one discussion a (male) member of the team shared a similar ad for Bulk Powders featuring an athletic, naked man getting off a tube train with the line "reveal yourself" and asked whether this truly differed from the Protein World piece.

I could almost hear the weariness in her voice when his (female) peer replied "because of a longstanding cultural history of objectifying women’s bodies".

If nothing else, at least this whole farago provides the chance to go other these arguments (again).

Quiksilver True Wetsuit

Viral: Quiksilver's suited surfer

Surfing a virtual wave of sharing this week is Quiksilver's natty and functional True Wetsuit (it's a suit and a wetsuit). Social video expert Unruly reviewed the viral video for Marketing to try and explain what's behind its 20,000 shares.

Where ‘True Wetsuits’ succeeds most is on visual gimmickry. Whether you care about surfing or not, there is something legitimately pleasing about seeing someone in a sharply-tailored suit zipping up and over crashing waves.


See for yourself.

Anyone know what the surf's like in Cannes? We're thinking of expensing one.

Conservative election poster

Electioneering: What the Scandis think of our political posters

Foreigners, eh? Coming over here and critiquing our election posters. It's our fault really for asking them. Digge Zetterberg, head of talent for The North Alliance – a collective of creative agencies from Scandinavia – agreed to give her take on five billboards.

It's not a happy story. "The general quality of these posters is fairly low if measured by advertising and design criteria." Ouch.

If only political advertising could take a leaf out of Mr Kipling's recipe book.

Mr Kipling advert, pastiching a famous Conservative election poster

Microsoft Edge logo

On social: Ford and Microsoft share puns

Big news. Microsoft unveiled its new browser, Edge. Bigger news for 18:05, Ford and Microsoft engaged in some punning banter.

If you'd like more actual details on Microsoft's Edge, check out Shona Ghosh's story for Marketing.


Innovations: Snickers' cranky voice assistant

As artificial intelligence and its offshoots continue to innovate, developers must face up to the problem of the uncanny valley. Essentially, AI can only come so close to behaving like a human before it just gets creepy. 

We believe Snickers has solved that problem by creating a grumpy voice-activated assistant called iVoice. What could be more human!? (And what could play better into its 'You're Not Your When You're Hungry' campaign?)

We spent a good part of the morning trying to outsmart it, but its 70 responses would not be bested. Even our question "someone got paid to do this?" was deftly parried with the answer "I can feel the tension in your voice. Here's a picture of a puppy to help relax." Bravo Snickers, MediaMonks and AMV BBDO. Bravo.

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