Social PR Strategies speaker in the spotlight: Martin Ashplant

Martin Ashplant, Head of Online Content, Metro

Martin Ashplant
Martin Ashplant

How do you define the media today?

Constantly changing. What is the most important factor to consider one year could be old news the next - and often is

How has social media rewritten the ways you produce news/find stories?

Completely. Where we were once beholden to wires, recorded police message lines and phone tip-offs, we are now scouring Twitter, Instagram and Reddit for our stories.

Which types of stories do you pick up from social?

Metro is all about stories worth sharing and social is the place to find this kind of content, just as it is also the place to share it. From quirky images to breaking news and everything in between, all our journalists know they need to be tapped into social at all times.

If you had one recommendation for PR professionals trying to engage with you, what would it be

Ditch the phone calls and @ us instead.