Sonos explores inner workings of music to mark Google Assistant launch

Activation will let people 'hear, feel and see music'.

Sonos: sound visualisation experience
Sonos: sound visualisation experience

Sonos is marking the launch of Google Assistant on its system with an immersive experience, in partnership with record company Beggars Group, that lets guests "hear, feel and see music".

Visitors to "The brilliant sound experience", which runs for three days from 2 August in London, will see sound visualised in light form, allowing them to step "inside" a song.

In the main room, guests will be invited to explore The National's Rylan and Slowthai’s Toaster. The installation breaks the music down into its component parts and animates it with light to expose details of each song and show how the different elements come together.

In the second room, visitors can wear an EEG (electroencephalogram) headband that tracks and records brainwave patterns while listening to songs picked by Beggars Group for their evocative nature. Guests will see real-time visualisations of their brain's reaction to the music.

After the experience, visitors can enter the sound lounge, where they can get a drink, listen to more music and try out Google Assistant on Sonos.

Anyways and Dave & Gabe are delivering the project.