Sony appoints SmartFocus to improve CRM capability

LONDON - Sony has appointed SmartFocus to improve its customer relationship management across Europe by using the agency's SmartMarketer software.

The SmartMarketer software will give Sony the ability to analyse customer data from multiple sources, allowing the electrical goods manufacturer to segment customers and target CRM campaigns at selected groups. 

Sony can then also analyse the effectiveness of these campaigns. 

Christian Luecke, general manager consumer marketing TV and online marketing for Sony Europe, said: "We were particularly impressed by SmartFocus's approach to customer management and by the ease-of-use of the software. 

"We also needed a system that would be compatible with and accept data from many sources." 

The SmartMarketer software will be introduced across Sony in the UK, France, The Netherlands, Poland and Italy, and 36 countries across Europe will follow. 

Chris Underhill, SmartFocus chief executive, said: "Sony understands the benefit of supporting customers by providing the relevant information to the customer through the right channel in order to maximise customer engagement. 

"The customer is central to many successful organisations' business strategies. Sony will now gain detailed insight into customer groups and customer life stages."