Sony creates 3D experience for Tate McRae

The campaign showcases Sony's Spatial Reality Display.

Sony: Tate McRae performance illustrated through 3D effects
Sony: Tate McRae performance illustrated through 3D effects

Sony has enlisted singer Tate McRae for an immersive experience that uses its Spatial Reality Display, so users can see her performing in 3D without the need for glasses.

This film illustrates McRae's journey to becoming a chart-topping artist with 3D effects powered by Unreal Engine. It includes a dance routine choreographed by McRae for her song "You Broke Me First".

The project is the fifth instalment of Sony's Collaboration Series, produced by brand experience agency Ralph. Through the series, Sony connects its music artists with its technology, gaming and movies.

Emma Worth, creative lead at Ralph, said: "With the Spatial Reality Display being such a new and relatively unknown product, this collaboration was very much about exploring and pushing its creative potential, in order to showcase the emerging technology to a broader audience." 

The display follows the exact eye position of the viewer to create a highly realistic virtual and 3D experience that is viewable to the naked eye. 

Worth added: "Simply watching a piece of content today just isn't quite enough for some consumers if of course there is a way to experience it differently. People want their senses awakened, they want to be baffled, they want their minds blown and they want to be immersed in digital content, and that's exactly what the Spatial Reality Display does to your mind. It makes you feel like you're part of something futuristic, it makes you go 'woah'.

"The world has had to become so used to intangible, empty experiences over the past year, where there were once sensory overloads (like gigs and sports events) and now brands can use this completely mind-bending immersive technology to transport consumers into new imaginary worlds, without having to physically get them there. I think that's an incredibly powerful tool that once people experience, they never forget."