Sony Ericsson invites Twitter users to pump up space hoppers in real time

LONDON - Sony Ericsson has launched 'Spark Something' on Twitter, inviting users to tweet "#pumpt" to inflate real space hoppers and watch the action via a live video feed.

Deflated hoppers have been arranged on a grid in a warehouse ready to be pumped up. One hopper will be inflated automatically for 10 seconds every time a #pumpt tweet is received.

Any user can tweet #pumpt and see the hopper being inflated via a live video feed.


The activity has been designed to support Sony Ericsson's Satio and Aino handsets.

Users are also encouraged to suggest a possible use for the inflated space hopper and the best of these suggestions will be re-created and filmed.

Sony Ericsson's Spark Something campaign has already seen more than 180,000 virtual space hoppers created by users engaging with the campaign site. Users that created their own hopper were able to participate in an online flash mob held last month.