Sony Ericsson mobile phone ad censured by ASA

LONDON - Sony Ericsson misled consumers, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled, with a TV ad implying customers could download a Facebook app to a Satio mobile phone, that wasn't available at the time.

Sony Ericsson: rapped over misleading ad
Sony Ericsson: rapped over misleading ad

The ad, created by Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore, showed a woman bouncing through the city on a space hopper, using the phone to share pictures via Facebook.

At the end of the ad, the voiceover said: "Packed with applications and more available to download", while the phone's screen was shown displaying icons of several popular applications, including Facebook.

One Sony Ericsson customer who purchased the Satio phone questioned the ad, as they were unable to download the Facebook application shown on screen.

The manufacturing giant said due to software problems at the time the ad was aired, users weren't able to download the Facebook application, but the problem had since been rectified.

However, the ASA concluded the ad was misleading as it implied the application was either preloaded on the phone or would be available to download, but this was not the case at the time the ad was broadcast.

Sony Ericsson was told by the authority to ensure that product functionality depicted in ads was accurate at the time the ad was broadcast.