Soul expands into board game publishing

Soul is branching out from advertising by launching a boxed game, which will be sold in retail outlets such as Woolworths, WH Smith, Hamleys and Argos.

"Keepy Uppy the Game", based on the skill of keeping a football in the air for as long as possible, is the result of a joint venture - Soul, which developed the brand and will handle the game's advertising, worked with Music & Brands, which took care of the licensing and publishing, and, which handled commercial production.

The game is being published by Upstarts!, the company responsible for the Who Wants to be a Millionaire? board game. Keepy Uppy consists of a uniquely sized football, a skills circle, the official rules book and extras such as a timing mechanism and a whistle. There is also a demonstration DVD and music tracks available on limited editions and through the official website.

Soul has produced a 30-second commercial for the game, which will break on 8 August. The agency's media brokering division, Soulspace, has negotiated a commercial relationship with Sky TV, which will incorporate airtime and event marketing.

Kevin Brown, a partner at Soul, said: "We are delighted to be involved in physically producing a product and are now in the strange position of producing advertising with ourselves as the client."

Bruce Crouch, another Soul partner, commented: "It is rare that this sort of creativity overflow comes to fruition. We are delighted that with our partners we have made sure Keepy Uppy will be on the shelves."