Soul makes ads for Uniqlo's UK debut

Soul has unveiled its first work for the Japanese clothing giant

Uniqlo ahead of the first Uniqlo store openings in London later this


The launch campaign will break first on six-sheet posters and in the

national press with executions that turn traditional phrases associated

with clothes on their head. The ads use straplines such as "Be a clothes

person, not a clothes horse" and "You are not what you wear" to

underline Uniqlo's philosophy of functional clothing and that style

comes from within.

The second phase of the £3 million campaign will run on 48-sheet

posters and six-sheets and will emphasise the price and quality of

Uniqlo's range. The third phase of the launch campaign kicks off in the

first week of October with four TV spots that aim to contrast the

brashness of Gap's advertising with the serenity of Uniqlo's


In terms of market positioning, Uniqlo is expected to go head-to-head

with Gap, although its prices are expected to be lower. The two stores'

product ranges are based on functional, everyday clothes but the Uniqlo

TV work is designed to mark a point of difference by using a subtler

style, with minimal soundtrack and few cuts to the film. The four TV

executions were shot by Stuart Douglas at

Media buying and implementational planning is being handled by Zenith

Media, which has worked closely with Soul's Kevin Brown on the media


The heavyweight poster strategy is designed to use outdoor as a

broadcast medium, while the TV ads will focus on high rating programmes.