Soul wins account to reduce London litter

Ken Livingstone, London's mayor, is drafting in Soul to spearhead a

campaign to curb the amount of litter dropped in the capital's


Children aged between 13 and 14 - regarded as the worst litter bugs -

are being targeted with advertising that will embrace TV and cinema. A

video highlighting the litter problem will also be distributed to

hundreds of schools.

Soul, which was added to the GLA's roster a few months ago, was awarded

the assignment after a pitch involving the authority's other shops - BMP

DDB and Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper.

The campaign is part of the GLA's response to the growing problem of

litter, which is costing millions of pounds a year to clear.

Duncan Bird, a partner at Soul, said: "Peer pressure to act cool

frequently means that this age group rapidly adopts behaviour patterns

that remain unchecked as they grow up."

But Bruce Crouch, Soul's creative partner, said although the

advertising, due to begin at the end of August, was intended mainly to

convert teenagers, the aim was to win over older age groups at the same


The GLA has negotiated a deal with Carlton to give the advertising

maximum exposure. Meanwhile, Transport for London is seeking an agency

to highlight Livingstone's proposed congestion charges for London.