Spain: Around the world, creative style

Campaign asked leading creatives from advertising agencies across each of the six major continents to tell us about creativity in their culture and to supply an image that illustrates their country's creativity at its best. Here we talk to Juan Sevilla, creative director, Lola in Spain.

I’m lucky to be Spanish and to live in Spain: it’s one of the most creative and inspiring places on Earth. A country where our way of being, our authenticity, the way we express ourselves and how we live make us an extremely colourful country full of charming details. Where the regions, as small as they may be, each has its own style and expression of creativity. Places where we have also learned from history to take what other cultures have left us and mix them together with ours or even what other Spaniards brought back from abroad, a little from here, a little from there. Where, on every corner, even if it is in the middle of nowhere, things are happening. Where we laugh, chat, stay up late and enjoy everything we can about life. Our passion for life and living in the moment extends to our creative expression. Our way of being so honest and in touch with our feelings is what makes us different. Where there isn’t one creative thing or one concrete example that talks about us. Spain is a place where writers, artists, painters, scientists, athletes, architects, graphic designers, fashion designers and the world’s best chefs thrive. Our "country rock" is our way of being.