Sparks fly in latest Honda ad

Honda is launching a TV ad to mark the roll out of the new Civic model across Europe.

'The Great Unknown' campaign by Wieden+Kennedy London launches today.

The 30-second spot features a spark of light jumping around a workshop. The spark breaks free of the industrial building and races through the countryside, joining other sparks before finally exploding on top of a Civic.

Martin Krejci directed the ad, working with the creative team of Toby Allen, Jim Hilson, Sam Heath and Chris Groom and production company Stink.

A 60-second ad will roll out at a later date. It will be supported by three interactive experiences including a game that uses sound and touch to follow the thought process of Honda engineers.

Other features include 'The Experiment' HTML5 game and 'Off The Grid', a 360-degree video that explores incredible environments.

Ellie Tory, European communications manager at Honda Motor Europe, said: "The campaign has been designed to look upon the unknown with optimism.

"The campaign began with a series of interactive experiences allowing users to experiment and feel the joy of doing things for the first time, similar to how our Engineers felt as they developed the new 9th generation Civic.

"The film is a summation of this journey through the unknown and the result of persevering is brought to life in a dramatic reveal.

"The film looks fresh and new, helping us to improve our overall brand image across Europe with a wide range of customers."

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