How Specsavers' ad raises a much-needed giggle

Digitas UK chief creative officer, Emma de la Fosse, chooses Specsavers 'Morse UK' as this month's winners of the Aerial Awards

How Specsavers' ad raises a much-needed giggle

Winners: Nick Brouard and Lucy Weetman, creatives, Specsavers Creative for Specsavers 'Morse UK'

de la Fosse: I chose this ad because...

…The creatives behind this month’s shortlisted spots all had to grapple with briefs plugging an offer in some form, and these are the hardest type of job to crack – I find them no easier now than when they landed on my cluttered desk as junior copywriter.

To pull something simple and funny out of the bag is to be applauded. Which is why I’d like to give Specsavers a clap as this month’s winner.

The team has worked out a way to extend the overarching TV campaign idea for glasses into radio spots for hearing aids, following a similar kind of format. The ad is silly and funny and raises a giggle. It is a welcome lighter moment in a complicated and angry time when I sometimes just want to stick my fingers in my ears.

How would you encourage creatives to 'see radio differently'?

Check the context
People often listen to the radio while doing something else. Find out from the media peeps which stations you’re on and at what time to get a background picture of, and inspiration from, what your target audience might be doing.

Think twice (or more)
People can listen to one station for a long period while driving, at work or doing things at home – meaning there’s a real possibility they’ll hear your ad repeatedly. Is there anything you can do to use this to your advantage?

Get innovative
Investigate tech and media advances that could help you stand out. The award-winning ‘Behind the numbers’ road-safety campaign for Parents Of Road Victims used programmatic to play a unique radio spot, in real time, every time someone died in a road traffic accident.

Winning ad: Specsavers 'Morse'

SFX Military bunker.
Corporal Neigh! Whinny! Neigh! Bray! Clip-clop! Clip-clop!
General What in heaven’s name are you doing, Corporal?
Corporal I’m sending the messages like you asked me to, sir – whinny!
General Morse code, I told you to send them in Morse code!
Corporal Oh… Sorry… Bruffft.
VO Should’ve gone to Specsavers for £400 off selected hearing aids. Offer ends 30 September 2019. Ask in-store for details.


Creative agency Specsavers Creative
Creative team Nick Brouard and Lucy Weetman
Producer Katharine Blom
Facility house Soho Square Studios
Sound engineer Simon Capes
Voices Kevin Bishop, Hugh Dennis
Production company Specsavers Creative

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