Specsavers' astronaut TV ad takes off

Specsavers has broken a new TV ad, featuring poorly sighted astronauts landing at the wrong airport.

"Shuttle", which first aired yesterday (1 May), promotes Specsaver's two-for-one offer.

The ad, by Specsavers Creative the brand's in-house team, features a space shuttle crew preparing to land.

The ad cuts to an embarrassed-looking astronauts standing around a carousel with other holidaymakers, waiting to retrieve their baggage after having accidentally landed at Luton Airport.

The ad was directed by Another Film Company's Jeff Stark, who also directed April's tactical over-45s campaign, "long arms" and "lift".

The creative director and copywriter on the ad was Graham Daldry, and the deputy creative director and art director was Steve Loftus. MEC was the media agency. 

Graham Daldry, Specsavers Creative's creative director, said: "This ad boldly goes where no eyesight joke has been before. It has visual scale, a strong mislead and has been superbly directed by Jeff Stark, with great production values."