Specsavers 'spex affect' by Specsavers Creative

Specsavers has launched a new TV ad based on Lynx's famous 2006 'Billions' ad, featuring a multitude of bikini-clad women running towards a man on a beach.

The new TV ad, 'Specs effect', merges the two straplines from both brands - 'Should've gone to Specsavers' and ‘The Lynx effect' - to form the strapline 'The should've gone to specsavers Effect', which appears at the end of the ad.

Created by the retailer's in-house creative team, the ad aired for the first time on UK TV last night (14 March). It was shot in Colombia, using around one hundred bikini-clad women, who were then multiplied in post-production by Framestore.