Specsavers takes 'should have gone' message to kids

Specsavers is backing an expanded and improved range of spectacles designed especially for children with a humorous TV ad.

The campaign starts on 1 August – in time for parents shopping with kids during the school holidays.

The ad was made by Specsavers Creative, the retailer's in-house ad shop, and is designed to appeal to a target audience of mothers.

Specsavers said that the under-16s market had always been hugely important, with figures from GfK showing that they represent 4% of the UK market by transactions.

Jill Clark, director of retail communications at Specsavers, said: "Ultimately it's parents or guardians that make the purchase decisions, but it's still very important that the young person they're making that decision for actually likes the glasses that they are going to wear. We therefore refresh frame choices regularly for this age group."

Frames featuring favourite kids brands like Mr Men and Barbie are popular with children and Clark said the company was always looking out for new and updated brands, especially cartoon characters.

"Thankfully, wearing glasses carries a lot less stigma these days. Much of that is down to the vast improvements in terms of choice, which means that kids can now look cool in their glasses," she said.

In the ad, a car bonnet is seen being repeatedly hit by an electric garage door going up and down. After several hits, it is revealed that the perpetrator is a boy who is trying to operate his remote-control car with the garage door opener. As the boy says "Dad, my car's broken," the "Should’ve gone to Specsavers" line appears, followed by the promotion for the kids' range.

Michael Hutchinson, part of the Specsavers in-house creative team, said: "Although it is the boy's mistake, the laugh is very much on male pride in shiny motors.

"Our target audience is mostly mums so the tone of voice seemed just right for a kids' glasses campaign."

The campaign will run on national television. Media is through MEC.