Speedo launches gritty ad with Ryan Lochte

Speedo has launched a gritty ad for its newly unveiled "Team Speedo", featuring 10 of the world's most successful elite swimmers.

The "winning elements" ad features the champion swimmers, including the Olympians Ryan Lochte and Alia Atkinson, during their intense training.

The cinematic ad focuses on the elements that make up an elite swimmer, highlighting the athleticism, dedication and "electricity" of each athlete.

The ad was created by Iris, with production by Framestore. The film was art directed by Jonny McKemey and the copywriter was Stuart Sinclair Nightingale. Mike McGee from Framestore was the director.

The video launched Team Speedo and also promotes Speedo’s Fastskin swimwear range. Almost 200 competitive swimmers will form part of Team Speedo and the project aims to promote the brand and encourage people to take up swimming.

McGee said the company had aimed to create an "edgy and cool" film for Speedo. He said: "The combination of gritty locations, anamorphic photography and customised audio has resulted in a powerful film."

The video launched at an event in New York where 24 elite, international swimmers, including Michael Jameson, Ryan Cochrane and Missy Franklin, stood in a four-metre-high installation, illuminated by projections of their various achievements.

The film will be shown exclusively on social media, and will be accompanied by a social media campaign, supported by the members of Team Speedo on Twitter.